“Great discoveries and improvements invariably
involve the cooperation of many minds."

Alexander Graham Bell

The Information Management Consortium  







Michael O'Shea



   What is the
   Information Management Consortium?

  • A group of independent information management
    consulting companies working together to provide a
    wide range of services to our clients

  • Consultants with similar methodologies and philosophies,
    each with their own areas of expertise

  • A collaborative effort among colleagues who have worked together for over a decade


We can handle projects of any scale

The Information Management Consortium can design,
implement, and co-ordinate projects regardless of type,
size or complexity.

  • Short term engagement, requiring specific expertise

  • Multi-phased projects

  • Project staff specifically trained in the information
     management discipline

  • Experience in various business sectors: public, private
    and non-profit



How can your organization benefit?

Reap the benefits of a specialized, independent company,

while having access to a large team of experts.

   We offer:

  • Complete range of Information Management skills

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Co-ordination of services through a single access point

  • Personal service that is responsive to your unique needs

  • Post project support

  • Lower overhead costs attributed to our fluid structure

  • Proven team dynamics


IMC has been involved in projects such as:

  • Developing strategic information management plans

  • Developing and implementing classification schemes/taxonomies and retention schedules

  • Researching legislation for retention schedules

  • Selecting and evaluating software

  • Co-ordinating and supporting projects

  • Recruiting information management personnel

  • Auditing records management departments

  • Developing electronic forms applications

  • Developing business continuity plans